What's the difference between FzRemote and EzRemote?

FzRemote use a phisical universal remote as IR blaster, EzRemote use a headphone jack IR blaster.

Does it support Android?

No, the app only support iOS.

How to pair with the ZRC remote?

Forget about troublesome bluetooth pairing, the App will automatically connect to the nearby ZRC compatible remote control.

What if more than one ZRC remote nearby?

FzRemote was designed to be extremly simple to work with one ZRC remote, and most user have only one ZRC remote.
If you do have more than one ZRC remote, you can try
1. Write email to me, with enough user request I will create a profressional version for insane user.
2. ZRC remote can turn off bluetooth by press some key combination, so you can setup ZRC remote then turn off bluetooth. Leave only one remote for wireless IR blaster.
3. ZRC remote can be controled by Raspberry Pi or Arduino, you can setup a home automation center if you are a developer.

How to use Siri voice control?

You need iPhone 7 and above, otherwise "Hey Siri" cannot wake up your iPhone.
You need remove screen password, otherwise you need unlock the phone every time when "Hey Siri" wakes up your iPhone.
Click Siri button in FzRemote/EzRemote, a message shows "Siri shortcut created", then iOS 12 goto Settings -> Siri & Search to configure voice command. iOS 13 run Shortcuts app to configure voice command.

Can I use rechargeable battery?

Yes, but with limitation. There is a voltage threshold for flash write operation, this threshold is important to avoid flash damage, the voltage of rechargeable battery is below the threshold, so you cannot assign function to button and do firmware upgrade if use rechargeable battery.

What if device not supported?

Here you are some good website to find IR code.
- http://www.remotecentral.com
- https://irdb.globalcache.com
- http://irdb.tk
You are welcome to contact me and I will try my best to find the IR code for you.