FzRemote Quick Start

  1. Insert batteries.

  2. Run FzRemote app, Info tab should show Connected.
    Alt Text

  3. Goto Search Tab, select device type and brand name, click "Find My Remote".
    Alt Text

  4. Point remote control to your device, click power button one by one until your device response, then click the i button.
    If first few remote doesn't work …

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FzRemote Working Modes

Remote Control and IR Blaster

This is the default mode when insert battery.

Remote Control Only

Press and hold OK and Digit 0 simutaniously for 3 seconds to enter this mode.
Press and hold OK and Digit 1 simutaniously for 3 seconds to quit this mode.
Bluetooth is off in …

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EzRemote Quick Start

  1. Insert IR blaster into headphone jack.
    Alt Text
    "Oops, Apple removed headphone jack since iPhone 7" - You can still use IR blaster with a lightning to headphone jack adapter, but it is time to look for a wireless IR blaster. FzRemote is designed to work with iPhone, it is both a universal …

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