1. BLE (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart) for efficient and fast communication with your phone / tablet
  2. CE and FCC certification
  3. 2xAAA batteries - lasts 6 months, even longer in remote control only mode
  4. Support TV, DVD, Bluray, Audio, Projector, and a lot of other device
  5. UNIVERSAL Control over one million devices
  6. VOICE Control with Siri shortcut
  7. ACTIVITY Control multiple device with one click

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How it works

FzRemote App remote control the physical remote control via bluetooth. there are two use cases.
1. Put the physical remote control on a table, use it as a wireless IR blaster, then you can control your device with the App. The App also support siri, so you can even voice control your device.
2. Assign IR function to a physical remote control button, then you can control your device with the physical remote control.
By this way, Most frequently used IR function can be fast and conveniently accessed by physical remote control, seldom used IR function leave to App, thanks to the big screen find a IR function in the App is much easier than find a remote control. This combination provides much better remote control experience.

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