EzRemote Quick Start

Fri 15 February 2019
  1. Insert IR blaster into headphone jack.
    Alt Text
    "Oops, Apple removed headphone jack since iPhone 7" - You can still use IR blaster with a lightning to headphone jack adapter, but it is time to look for a wireless IR blaster.

  2. Goto Info Tab, make sure there is a green tick besides "IR accessory connected", click "Maximize Headphone Volume"
    Important Notice some IR blaster require twist to certain angle to make it work, what a stupid design, nobody expect to read user manual for such a simple gadget, to make it worse, in certain angle IR blaster have very weak connection, iPhone can detect headphone pluged in, but the IR signal is too weak to control any device, for these kind of IR blaster the only way to make sure a good connection is through visible red light, you can have a look at this youtube video to see how visible red light looks like.
    Alt Text

  3. Goto Search Tab, select device type and brand name, click "Find My Remote".
    Alt Text

  4. Point IR blaster to your device, click power button one by one until your device response, then click the i button.
    If first few remote doesn't work, Click fast forward button on the right top corner for auto search.
    Alt Text

  5. Click each function to find out whether it works for your device, click star button to mark it as favorite function.
    Alt Text

  6. Goto Favorite Tab, now you can control your device by click favorite function. Alt Text

  7. Goto Dashboard Tab, configure virtual remote and activity.