EzRemote is a bi-product of my another App FzRemote.
When finish the first version FzRemote I realize add support for audio jack ir blaster could be quite easy.
So I create EzRemote and hope it could be useful for those people who already have a ir blaster.

There is a youtube video EZ Remote: Turn Your iPhone Into A Remote Control
EzRemote App have no relationship to this video and the kickstart project, they just accidently have the same name.

EzRemote is free until the following user review popup in app store.
A pathetic developer... real sad
Very hostile app developer that is clearly immature and is too busy being defensive and rude to its consumers that it can’t even give a detailed response on how to properly use its product. The fact that they managed to get an app on the app store is surprising considering how uneducated they seem considering their grammar and word choice. A true laughing stock to any true developer or product designer. If I could rate it 0... I most definitely would, not only based on how poorly it was made but mostly on the fact of how poor they treat consumers.

wtf, he download a free app, then he take himself as a customer, then he forgot who he is.
then EzRemote turned to paid app.