All the apps support headphone jack IR blaster get app store rating at about 3, all of them get a lot of negative reviews, why IR Blaster App Sucks?

Poor IR database coverage is one of the main reason
Theoretically headphone jack IR blaster can only send out IR signal with frequency less than 44K, this limitation cause IR database coverage less than 80%. A traditional universal remote normally have the coverage more than 95%, less than 95% proven to be not enough and will receive a lot of complain.

Headphone jack IR blaster is a compromized solution
The IR signal from IR blaster is weak, normally working distance less than 5 meter, most real remote control have 10 meter working distance.
Some IR blaster need tweak the angle to make it work.
It is hard to point IR blaster to device and press the button on screen.
All in all the user experience is not good.

Apple users are spoiled
Some user never read app description before download but still complain app doesn't work without IR blaster.
App store is easy to get refund so paid app also cannot filter this kind of user.

There are some good universal remote app only support their own proprietary hardware(wifi or bluetooth IR blaster/extender), technically add support for headphone jack IR blaster is easy, obviously they don't want to get into trouble with IR blaster.

EzRemote also sucks, we want to improve it and make it less suck
If you
1. have a headphone jack IR blaster.
2. your device and brand is listed but not supported by EzRemote.
3. you know any other app support your device.
please contact us, you will be award with a FzRemote universal remote and wireless IR blaster.